Student Engagement Survey (NOTE: This survey will only be used to improve our practices at Senn)
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What program are you enrolled in at Senn? *
My family/guardian is there for me when I need them. *
After finishing my schoolwork I check it over to see if it's correct. *
My teachers are there for me when I need them. *
Other students here like me the way I am. *
Adults at my school listen to the students. *
Other students at school care about me. *
Students at my school are there for me when I need them. *
My education will create many future opportunities for me. *
Most of what is important to know you learn in school. *
The school rules are fair. *
Going to school after high school is important. *
When something good happens at school, my family/guardian(s) want to know about it. *
Most teachers at my school are interested in me as a person, not just as a student. *
Students here respect what I have to say. *
When I do schoolwork I check to see whether I understand what I'm doing. *
Overall, my teachers are open and honest with me. *
I plan to continue my education following high school. *
I'll learn, but only if the teacher gives me a reward. *
School is important for achieving my future goals. *
When I have problems at school my family/guardian(s) are willing to help me. *
Overall, adults at my school treat students fairly. *
I enjoy talking to the teachers here. *
I enjoy talking to the students here. *
I have some friends at school. *
When I do well in school it's because I work hard. *
The tests in my classes do a good job of measuring what I'm able to do. *
I feel safe at school. *
I feel like I have a say about what happens to me at school. *
My family/guardian(s) want to keep trying when things are tough at school. *
I am hopeful about my future. *
At my school, teachers care about students. *
I'll learn, but only if my family/guardian(s) give me a reward. *
Learning is fun because I get better at something. *
What I'm learning in my classes will be important in my future. *
The grades in my classes do a good job of measuring what I'm able to do. *
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