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Event Address: 89 Pinetrail crescent, Ottawa ON K2G 5B7
Start date: October 16th 2018 @ 6pm.
Contact us at (613) 797-6360 or
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Women's Coaching Groups
I have already sent an invitation to the general public and am now reaching out to you!

I am launching a 16-week program for women, starting October 16th. This group will be small so that each woman can customize the program to suit her own unique needs. This is not a therapy program but rather a coaching group/workshop setting.

I am reaching out to the highly successful woman, just like you: has a busy life, has given of herself at work and with family, and now needs a bit of guidance to finally place the focus on herself and take better care of herself. It seems like we have a never ending to do list and barely have time for ourselves.

It is now time to see that there can be a balance of give and take and that it's your turn to thrive, and not be so exhausted!
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Dr Gina Madrigrano
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