Nonprofit Program Participant Information Sheet
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1. Program you are applying for. *
Ex. Fundraising Mentored Training, Coaching Program, 240 Blended Workshop Training Program
2. Your first name (and middle name if you would like to use it)  as you would like them to appear on your completion certificate/diploma. Certificates are generated automatically. *
Ex. Robert- or Robert James
3. Your last name as you would like it to appear on your completion certificate/diploma. *
Ex. White - or White Smith
4. Email address that you want to use for the program. Choose carefully; this is difficult to change as it appears in multiple locations in our system. *
5. Where did you hear about our mentored training program? Please be specific. If you heard about it from a newsletter or email alert – which one? If it was from the Internet – how: did you Google ‘nonprofit fundraising' – or was it from a link at another site? Which site? *
Ex. email alert.
6. What is your country of origin? *
Ex.: United States
7. The name of your organization - or the fact that you are exploring career options. *
Ex. Center for Sustainable Development. Or, University of Michigan. Or, I'm interviewing for work with non-profits.
8. What is your job title, and what do you actually do. If a student, what field do you study? *
Ex. Health Specialist. I promote Health and Hygiene in schools. Or, I am a student majoring in nonprofit management.
9. What is your organization's website address including http:// please. *
10. Gender *
Ex. Male
11. Why are you enrolling in one of our nonprofit programs? *
Ex. I want to make a career transition. Or, I want to learn how to design better programs. Or, I want to have greater success in engaging donors and increasing donations.
12. What are you hoping to get from the program? *
Ex. I’m hoping to learn how to better design and fund effective programs that can improve children’s health in the communities where I work.
13. Your town where you work. *
Ex.: Los Angeles
14. Your country where you work. *
Ex. US
16. Your name that friends call you and you would like us and other participants to call you. *
Ex. Tim
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