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Mission Statement
Reproductive Justice New Brunswick (RJNB) is a collective which organizes to ensure that all barriers to reproductive healthcare are removed and all options to it are universally accessible.

RJNB formed as a response to the continued lack of access to abortion services and other reproductive healthcare in Canada, as well as the hyper presence of anti-abortion shame and stigma that exists, especially in the province of New Brunswick.

RJNB shall operate as a feminist anti-oppression collective where all members must aspire to participate under an ethos of inclusion, transparency, openness, dialogue, activism, empowerment, and accountability. Through skill-sharing and open opportunities, we shall build up each other and by doing so, create a more effective activist presence in our communities.

Reproductive Justice will exist when all people can access the healthcare they need to thrive and decide if, when, and how to have or parent children, with dignity and support.

Guidelines: *
I certify that
I agree with the Mission Statement and Vision of RJNB. My goal is to participate in that way. 
If I take on voluntary responsibilities within the group and it turns out that I am unable to fulfill my suggested contributions, I will make sure someone else can do it. 
I acknowledge that I am bound by confidentiality in respect for the sensitive nature of our work and the safety of those taking risks. I recognize that unless said otherwise, any discussions (in email, meetings, or elsewise) is confidential until the collective agrees otherwise.
I recognize that only RJNB spokespeople can speak to the media on behalf of RJNB. 
I agree to maintain confidentiality even after I leave RJNB.
I acknowledge that a commitment to performing my duties as outlined in this Membership Agreement helps assure RJNB’s integrity; and I acknowledge that I have read and understood the nature of those duties.
I also recognize that if I do not meet the commitment of the Membership Agreement, the onus is on me to fix it honestly. I understand that other collective members or a committee may require me to leave if it is best for RJNB. 
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