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In the event this pet is no longer available, is there another pet you'd be interested in meeting instead? If so, which pet?
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If you rent, list the landlord's name and phone number. We may contact your landlord to verify any limitations on pet ownership. This is to help you find the pet that will fit into your rental circumstances. We also ask that you email a copy of your lease agreement/pet addendum with this application to help expedite processing. *
If you own your home, are you able to provide us proof of ownership (ex: mortgage statement, copy of driver's license showing current address, etc)   *
Does your home have any pet / breed / weight restrictions? If yes, please explain *
Will your cat be an indoor or outdoor cat? *
How long have you lived at your current address? *
Do you plan on moving in the foreseeable future? If so, where will you move and why? *
Are you willing to have a representative from Linus & Friends do a home check to see where the pet will be living? *
Please list all adults and children who reside in your home including names and ages. Please include yourself as well.   *
If you and your significant other were to separate, whom will the pet go with and why? *
Do any members of your household have asthma or allergies to cats? *
Are all members of your household in agreement about adopting a cat? *
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Under what circumstances would you need to re-home the pet? *
What would you do if you can no longer keep or care for the pet due to unforeseen circumstances? *
Please list current pets you have. Include names, type, age, years of ownership, and whether they are indoor or outdoor pets: *
Are your current pets spayed or neutered? *
If not, why?
Have any of the pets you own or have owned been cosmetically altered? (Declawed, debarked, etc) Please explain:   *
Have you ever relinquished an animal to a shelter, rescue, or another individual? If yes, please explain: *
Please tell us about the animals you have owned in the past who are no longer with you. Include names, types, ages, whether or not they are deceased, and cause of death if they are deceased.   *
Please list veterinarian information for pets you have and/or have had in the past, including name, address, and phone number. If you never had a vet, please list the name of the vet you plan on working with.  *
Please list four references. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. WE WILL NOT PROCESS YOUR APP WITHOUT REFERENCES.  References can (and preferably) include past veterinarians or groomers, previous or present employers, etc. Please list full name, relationship, place of employment, and phone number. Reference #1 *
Reference #2 Name, Relationship, Place of Employment, Phone Number. *
Reference #3 Name, Relationship, Place of Employment, Phone Number. *
Reference #4 Name, Relationship, Place of Employment, Phone Number. *
How did you hear about Linus & Friends? *
While it is our goal to facilitate a quality, life-long adoption, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may require you to re-home your pet. Should this occur, are you aware that Linus & Friends, Inc has a 100% no-questions-asked return policy? If at any time you cannot or do not wish to keep a pet you have adopted from us, we will accept the pet back immediately.   *
Check that you acknowledge each term listed below: *
Driver's License/ ID #: *
Please email a copy of your License/ID to with your full name in the subject line. Applications will not be considered until this step is complete. *
I certify that all information provided above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any misrepresentation of fact may result in the refusal or removal of adoption. If my request to adopt is approved and the above information is not true or correct, Linus & Friends reserves the right to remove the pet from my home.     *
Please type full name to accept and agree to the terms above: *
By clicking the submit button, I hereby give permission to Linus & Friends Rescue to contact my veterinarian to obtain information about past and present pets. I also confirm that I am 21 years of age or older and authorize Linus & Friends to verify all of the above information. I have read and agree with all of the terms. *
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