CMFPC Board Application
Thank you for applying to be a board member. Together we can build a better food system.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Food Policy Council exists to advocate for policies that build a sustainable, equitable and healthy local food system. The goals of our council are to enhance the health of our citizens, strengthen local economies and market opportunities, and reduce hunger and food insecurity.

Board members typically serve for three years with the option to extend their service for another three year term.

Questions? Please reach out to the current board chair, Kimberly Heaton, at
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The CMFPC Board of Directors is a working board. Can you contribute 5 to 10 hours a month for meetings and events? To get a sense for the commitment ... We have one monthly board meeting - approximately 90 minutes. We meet twice a year as a board for a January and June retreat - each retreat is approximately 4-5 hours. We have quarterly members' events - attendance is not required, but encouraged. Individual committees meet separately throughout the month.
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Donations: As with any Board, members will be solicited for a cash or in-kind donation; 100% participation is sought; the amount is optional but we ask that board members consider giving at a sustaining membership level of $25 a month. Board members should maintain an active membership status during their term. Do you foresee that as a problem?
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