Environment awarness questionnaire

The sense of responsability for environment
You think our environment is *
Which of the following do you think is the worst environmental problem our planet faces? *
Which is your opinion about “global warming”? *
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How do you think everyone could help to keep the planet clean? *
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You think there is a direct relationship between the environment and our health?
I believe my health can be affected by pollution
Who do you think should be responsible for taking care of our environment? *
Is the current concern over the state of environment justified?( do you think it is really so bad as some people say it is?) *
How concerned are you about pollution? *
How concerned are you about deforestation? *
How concerned are you about extinction of endangered species (animals)? *
What is the single most important thing that will make sure the environment is healthy for the future generation (Which is the most important action securing the environmental cleanness for the generations to come?) *
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Sustainable development means
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Which of the following alternative energy sources do you know? *
What kind of rubbish do we throw away the most? (Example paper, plastic....)
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How often do you recycle? *
What are some products that can be recycled? *
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From which part of your school you get the most litter? What can You do about that? *
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Are there litter laws in your country? *
How can you improve your attitude towards environment? *
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How willing are you to change your lifestyle in order to reduce the damage to the environment? *
What are some ways that you can reduce pollution? *
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How can we protect the environment and, at the same time,improve people’s standard of living?
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What do you do to improve the quality of the environment.? *
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What do you think is the best/easiest recyclabe material? *
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Do you think there we can learn from nature? *
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