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You Can Vote is a special project of The People’s Alliance Fund, a 501c3 with a long history of promoting civic engagement and developing state and local leadership. The You Can Vote program trains and mobilizes volunteers to educate and register North Carolina citizens to be able to cast their ballot. You Can Vote is strictly non-partisan: we do not discuss candidates, campaigns, or issues with voters. Rather, You Can Vote works exclusively on ensuring that anyone who is eligible to vote is properly registered and educated about voting rules so they can vote. We pride ourselves on teaching and using best practices in all aspects of our work - from training & volunteer management to educating and mobilizing voters.

We appreciate you investing 5-10 minutes in responding to this survey.

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You Can Vote seeks to ensure we serve those communities most harmed by voter suppression, including African American, Latinx, youth, and formerly incarcerated individuals. Below, please describe your strategies for creating an inclusive training space that welcomes everyone to participate in this work.
We recognize that some groups will have limited capacity to recruit participants from all these communities. For those you feel well-situated to bring, please provide details of your plans. For others, please explain the barriers you see to recruiting members of these communities - this will help us think about how to overcome them!
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We will be back in touch within a week of receiving your response. If you haven't heard from us, feel free to check back in.
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