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Postdocs and staff should register through this form. Please note auditors (both Stanford and external) can attend all lectures. Auditors are welcome to participate fully on the team project to prepare a final stock pitch, if they’d like, as long as they are willing/able to commit to being a full member of the team. Generally teams will meet outside class 1-2 hours a week. If you are auditing this course (through Stanford or external), it will suffice for you to fill out this form to register for the course.

Other FAQ:
Will auditors have access to all course materials?
Will auditors be able to partake in final stock pitches?
If you are simply auditing this course, the final stock pitch is optional. We highly encourage participation in the final stock pitch to get the most out of this course. External auditors are welcome to participate in the final stock pitch, so long as they are willing and able to commit themselves to being full members of their teams
Is there a syllabus?
Yes! A tentative (not final) course syllabus is linked at the bottom of this URL:
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