Facebook BOUNTY
PlayBets decided to allocate 2% of the overall token distribution for bounty pool divided into different bounty campaigns

10% of the bounty pool is to be allocated to Facebook campaign ( 600.000 PLT Tokens)

• Register as a member here (link).
• Have at least 300 friends on your account
• You account hst to be "alive" * )
• Make privacy settings open
• Subscribe to the official PlayBets page www.facebook.com/playbetsgroup
• Like & Share at least 2 PlayBets posts per week

*You are not allowed to participate in a large number of campaigns.
**We don’t interested in fake likes and reposts, but in growth of the PlayBets audience.
***The share of rewards will be distributed once a week by our team.
****During the first weeks of the company there will be delays in the transfer of tokens, then we plan to pay each week

Please be aware that the maximum number of FB bounty participants is 1000!

Thank you for your participation! You can monitor statistics and campaign status here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-cJ4g-Bne1VhjYHIwaZAOCgWpc0KZojLDDZ7DMFSac8/edit?usp=sharing

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