THS Campus Parking Information

In order to be eligible for a parking spot in August you must meet and adhere to the following requirements:

All vehicles on school property may be searched by the school administration or law enforcement officials upon reasonable suspicion of illegal activity or concern for safety. Students’ vehicles parked on school property are subject to routine patrol and school officials may look through vehicle windows for any contraband lying in plain view.

1. Violation of any driving and/or parking regulation may result in the revocation of the student’s parking privileges and additional administrative consequences. Parking privileges may also be revoked if the car is used to violate a school rule (such as leaving the school property during the school day). If a student loses his/her parking privileges there will be no refund.
2. Students receiving permission to park in the student parking lot are issued a parking hangtag. The hangtag must be placed on the rear view mirror; failure to do so may result in administrative consequences. Parking hangtags are not transferable. Students found forging, sharing (without administrative approval) or selling parking hangtags, will be denied parking privileges for the balance of the school year and are subject to other disciplinary action.
3. Students who falsify information on the Parking Pass Application will have their hangtags revoked without refund.
4. Hangtags are valid for the entire school year.
5. Student parking is permitted only in the student lot. Students who do not have a hangtag are not permitted to park on school property during the school day. Students who violate this rule will be subject to disciplinary measures.
6. Tecumseh High School is not liable for any loss or damage to vehicles parked on district property. Vehicles must be parked and locked upon arrival to school. Students are advised not to leave anything of value in their cars.
7. Students are not permitted to return to their vehicles during the school day without permission from school administration.
8. Students are not permitted to loiter in the parking lots at any time.
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Personalized Parking Spot
Students will be permitted to paint their parking spots this year for an additional $20.00 fee. Information regarding designs, administrative approval, size, date and time to paint, etc. will be distributed in PRIDE Period and available in the main office.
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Parking Rules and Regulations
Please read the following parking rules and regulations. After you and your parent or guardian have read the agreement, both the student and parent or guardian are required to check YES indicating that you will adhere to all parking rules and regulations.

Parking Rules

Because driving to school is a privilege, I agree to abide by the following rules and regulations. I understand that violation of these rules and regulations will result in suspension and/or revocation without refund.
1. I will observe the speed limit at all times while on school property.
2. I will park in the designated student parking lot only. I will not loan my parking hangtag to another student.
3. I will display my parking hangtag on the rearview mirror of my car at all times while on school property.
4. I will not enter or use my car during the school day, or allow others to use my car, unless approval is given by an administrator.
5. I will drive in a courteous and safe manner at all times.
6. I will consistently yield to all busses on school property, including busses entering and exiting school property before and after school.
7. I understand that if my parking privileges are revoked, I will not receive a refund of my payment and I will return my parking hangtag immediately upon notification of revocation.
8. I will maintain a valid driver license. If at any time my driver license is suspended, I will notify the school administration immediately.
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Parent or Guardian- Please check yes to give your student permission to drive to school, and acknowledgement that you are aware of the parking rules and regulations. *
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