2019-20 Math Olympiads at Guadalupe Tryout Application Form
We are pleased to offer another year of Math Olympiads at Guadalupe. Our program has a limited capacity so, out of fairness, we would like to invite all 4th/5th grades students who are interested in joining this year to take part in a tryout.

Please read below about the details of our program, and if your child would like to take a tryout, please fill out the form below by Friday, September 27.

The tryout time and date: 2:45-3:45 pm on Tuesday, October 1
location: Media Center
The test will have 15 problems chosen from previous contests. Students will be given 1 hour for the test, but they can be excused early when they finish early. Please pick up your children in front of media center unless they go to extended care or walk/bike home by themselves. The test will be on paper, so students should bring their own pencils and erasers, and should not bring any other devices such as cellphones or calculators.
Parents will be notified about acceptance through email by October 8. Participants will be determined by the results of this tryout; and in case we have tied scores, additional input from school based test.

For students who are accepted, details are below:
Time and Date: Usually 2:45-3:45pm (time may vary depending on the school’s schedule) after school every Tuesday from October 15, 2019. Final date TBD.
Location: Media Center
MO class activity: Participants are expected to solve challenging math problems and exchange their solutions with peers in the class. Also they are expected to do homework (solving 5-10 math problems and watching video clips of math concepts), and to take 5 monthly contests conducted by MOEMS. At the end of the school year, there will be an opportunity for some of the students our Math Olympiads to participate in the district math tournament.

Rules/Restrictions: Your child needs to attend most of the classes. Participants in Guadalupe team cannot join other Math Olympiads teams (a rule set by MOEMS).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the parent volunteer: Hyejin Ahn at jsdsarang@gmail.com
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