TIER-2 JADE Access Request (Sheffield)
This is an internal JADE Tier-2 HPC access request form for researchers within the University of Sheffield with the intention of using the system for Machine Learning or Molecular Dynamics. For more information on the JADE system, please visit http://www.jade.ac.uk.
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Must be the name of an academic.

if you're applying as a PhD or postdoc put your supervisor's details here and put your details in the "Contact details" section.
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Other users
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Please enter the full name and e-mail address of users other than the PI and the person to contact. Also specify the department if different from PI.
Proposed usage
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This will be used for creating a user group on the JADE system for your project
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Software requirements *
Please note that Tier-2 centres will expect users to build their own software but will provide support where possible. A selection of commonly used software will be maintained centrally.
Support requirements *
How do you plan to port and optimize your code on the Tier-2 system?
Estimated disk space requirements *
Estimated usage *
Please give details on your expected usage of the system e.g. total hours of use, size and length of your typical jobs or number of nodes concurrently utilised.
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