2021 Chatham Education Foundation Grant Application

Types of Grant Projects Funded: For the 2021-2022 school year, CEF invites proposals for two different types of grants: Creative Teaching Grants or PTA Matching Grants.

1) CEF Creative Teaching Grants

-Involve direct instruction of Chatham County public school students (teachers, counselors, certified staff)
Pre-K through High School
-Use creative and innovative instructional methods to address opportunity gaps in the student population and extend/enhance student learning for all students.
-Projects more likely to receive grants:
-Make learning more innovative, creative and/or engaging for students
-Project has measurable outcomes
-Project specifically relates to grade level curriculum
-Project either reaches a significant number of students or has a defined scope seen as a need in the school
-Applications to repeat projects funded previously must include new elements and additional sources of funding.


-Reading Intervention Program Supplies
-Reaching and Teaching the Next Generation of Mathematics
-Adaptive Bike for Elementary Riders
-Flexible Seating Option for Literacy Students
-Decodable Literature Books to Engage Emergent Readers
-Tools for Reading
Middle School:
-Drones for STEM and Video Classes
-Hands On Geometry
-Great Books in the hands of Great Kids
-Materials to Establish Choice Based Art Program
-Equitable Access to Literature
High School:
-Computer Simulation
-Swift Microscope Cameras
-Art Design and 3D Scanner
-Virtual Communication
-Mobile Video Production Kit
-Sponsoring Self-Regulation through Neuroscience

2) CEF PTA Matching Grants

-Address school-wide needs (e.g. multiple grade levels or the majority of students will experience benefits directly from the improvement or innovation proposed)
-Includes a pledge of financial support equal to the grant amount requested from the school’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO, PTA, PTSA)
-Principal or Assistant Principal is the applicant

While some grants are fully funded, many are partially funded, and we encourage applicants to identify and cite additional prospective or committed funding sources in their applications. In recent years, most grants have ranged from $100 to $1,000. Total funding available varies each year depending on the outcomes of CEF’s fundraising activities, including designations from Chatham County residents and school employees to the United Way of Chatham County.

Applicant Eligibility: Grants are awarded to educators (individuals or teams) who directly instruct students in Chatham County public school classrooms. NOTE: Lead applicants who have received CEF grants in the past must have completely fulfilled reporting requirements in order to be eligible to submit a new application. For PTA Matching Grants, the lead applicant must be the school’s principal or assistant principal.
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**By writing the Principal name, I certify that this request was reviewed by the Principal of my school.
Please do NOT use any references to your school or teacher names in this section of your application. All questions must be answered in order to be considered for funding.Please Note: If your request involves purchasing hardware/software, you must obtain prior approval from Emma Braaten, in order to determine if the items you requested can be supported by Chatham County Schools technology services (ebraaten@chatham.k12.nc.us).
Project Summary: 1-2 Sentences *
Please describe the enhanced learning activities students will experience in their instructional setting: ** Educators please note: THIS IS A KEY QUESTION! Explain how new resources funded by CEF would be used to make learning more innovative and creative. Use plain language that parents and community members will understand. If you are proposing to use technology that a general audience might not be familiar with, please include a technical reference (e.g. website link or attachment). *
List up to three specific results you expect from this project: *
Explain how you will evaluate outcomes for each of the results specified above: *
Which curriculum goals does this project address? *
Describe additional student needs, school-wide needs, or School Improvement goals this project addresses: *
Send email to jaime@cefmail.org with.....Project Budget. Please itemize expenses and include any other sources of funding for the project.
If this application is for a CEF PTA MG, please email jaime@cefmail.org with a letter from your PTA to confirm its pledge or commitment of funds
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