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youbloom shows are curated, emerging artist, multi genre, live and online music shows with audience sizes 50 to 150 in unique settings in their local city, is this a good fit for you? If so, could you tell us why it’s a good fit? *
youbloom CityReps are independent contractors who work on a revenue share/commission basis. We will provide more details about how this works following the initial Q&A. Are you ok with working on this basis in principle? *
Have you worked in the music business? If so, for how many years? Could you tell us about the roles you played in the music business? *
Have you put on live music events yourself? If so: (please answer all the questions)How many have you put on? Could you give details on dates and the make up of the events? Could you include links to web and or social media sites including info on artists, location? What were the audience sizes? What were the financial outcomes of the shows? *
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