BLUEPRINT | York | Call for speakers
VentureBeat | March 26-28 | York, PA

BLUEPRINT is an invite- only event that brings together thought leaders and visionaries who are mobilizing to confront one of the most important challenges of our time: the need to accelerate prosperity in the heartland of America.

By bringing together leaders from technology, business, and government BLUEPRINT will help create a vision and a plan for the future — for all of America.

BLUEPRINT York will continue the conversation started in Reno, NV in March of this year and will take a deeper dive into the workforce and talent opportunities of heartland communities as the AI and automation wave moves through the country.

• A CLOSER LOOK The first day of Blueprint will be devoted to onsite tours of York, Pennsylvania and illustrate the progress and potential of this historic community.

• INNOVATION IN THE HEARTLAND Showcasing innovation and success stories in unlikely areas. How are they grappling with AI and automation? What companies are taking advantage of these technologies? How are these communities growing, attracting and upskilling their talent pool to take advantage of these opportunities. Who are the critical partners to help make this happen?

• THE ROI ON PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS Government and business leaders discuss the current policies and incentives in place to drive greater prosperity through investments in AI, automation and the people who will work with these transformative technologies.

• REINVENTING THE 21ST CENTURY WORKFORCE How automation and AI are impacting the workforce and the kinds of training necessary to ensure a workforce that can both prosper and fulfill the resource needs of 21st-century companies.

• BUILDING LOCAL ECOSYSTEMS AND ATTRACTING CAPITAL Leading venture capitalists who are investing in heartland companies discuss their views on AI and automation investments in the heartland and the opportunities for growing the workforce.

• FINDING COMMON GROUND A consensus-driven discussion with industry leaders in business, government, and technology who represent different ideological POVs in order to explore the crucial initiatives and goals we can all agree on.

• THE ROLE OF CULTURE IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT As with BLUEPRINT Reno, we will highlight the importance of York's unique culture by providing an evening concert feature LIVE - a multi- platinum band from York, PA.

- There is no fee to apply or speak at the event.
- VentureBeat does not pay for travel for speakers.
- Speakers will receive a complimentary pass to the event
- Space is limited. Apply early.

Apply to be considered as a speaker for BLUEPRINT by filling out the form below. We'll get back to you shortly.

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