Lunenburg Farmers' Market Vendor Application 2021
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Food vendors only: Please provide a detailed list of any products that you would like to sell at the market that you are not producing yourself to be considered for approval. Indicate the product and the source. Food vendors are able to sell up 25% of product not of their own production, but must receive approval from the Market Manager to do this. The product must still abide by our product guidelines.
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Vendor Agrees to:
1. To pay all fees as set out by the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market Association.
2. To abide by the policies and procedures for the Market.
3. That other vendors may sell products similar to yours.
4. To report any changes or additions to your product selection to the Market Manager before bringing to Market for approval.
5. To support the Market and its vendors by meeting attendance requirements.
6. To notify the market manager of any planned absences.
7. That vendorship is personal. In the event that the ownership of your business changes, it will be necessary for a new vendor application to be filed. The fact that the business previously had a space does not guarantee that a space will be available or granted when the new application is received by the Market.
8. To share any concerns or suggestions with the Market Manager in the spirit of cooperation, and with the intention to improve the quality of the market for you and others.
9. To obtain all necessary permits and licenses required to sell their product(s) and present proof to the Market Manager, if requested.
I have read the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market Association’s Policies and Procedure, and understand and agree to all applicable policies, procedures and regulations. *
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