Hydra tri-spinner preorder
Video demonstrations and reviews by Hobby Timmy
Video demonstration and review by Fabian Botero from Spin Space
This is the preorder form for our new Hydra spinner.
Hydra is a tri-spinner made of bronze and it features a replaceable R188 hybrid ceramic bearing securely retained by a snap ring. It is completely user serviceable and provides lots of options. You can switch to your favorite bearing, clean it more easily and repair a damaged bearing if needed.
The weight of the spinner is 103 gramms. It is 58 mm in diameter. The thickness is 17mm. Spin time is over 4 minutes.
After having filled the form you receive the invoice. Your order can be accepted only if your payment is confirmed.
The wait time is 2 weeks.
Please pay attention, that we are not able to refund you in case you change your mind during the manufacturing process, since we are a small business and invest a lot of time, money, and labor in this project. So please fill this form only if you're 100% sure you want it.

Shipping is free Worldwide.

Each spinner will come with a classy wooden platform. We offer 3 finishing options for the spinner and 2 finishing options for the platform. Also limited offer of a hand carved wooden pattern on the spinner. 7 possible combinations. Please choose the one you prefer.
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Please notice that the finishes presented on these pictures may differ from the final result due to the random nature of the forced patina
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If you have any questions, you can contact us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/wallrus76/
We thank you so much for making this happening and for all the support we`ve got from you!
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