Post-COVID-19 Future Assembly Survey
At the Kings Crossing church, we are fully committed to honoring whatever recommended protocols and procedures have been put in place by the governing bodies of our city, state, and nation pertaining to COVID-19. We do not know when we will be able to physically meet again, but it is our desire to be planning ahead for whenever this becomes possible.

It is likely if not certain that whenever we can assemble again, there will have to be some specific plans in place for entry, seating, exiting, and some of the elements of worship. Our gatherings will almost certainly be different for a while than they have been in the past. It is not yet possible to know when everything can go back to "normal" but to whatever extent we can reconnect, it's something for which we are wanting to prepare.

For now, we do NOT have a particular date in mind, nor have we finalized all that will need to be done, as this hinges significantly on what the government recommends. However, we also do not know what the members of our congregation are thinking about this situation, and what your desires are for how we move forward.

Would you please complete this brief survey so that we can know the general pulse of what our members are thinking?
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Once the government provides guidelines under which it is possible for us to meet, HOW SOON do you believe we ought to start assembling again? *
Assuming we can develop a meeting strategy that is in total compliance with governmental health procedures, how likely would you be to attend a gathering at church? *
What are some factors that you believe are especially important to consider as we make plans to potentially meet again?
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