Beardfest 2017 Vending Application
Beardfest is a three day - three night, family-friendly festival centered around providing its attendees and co-curators with the best music, education, live art, food, and artisans we can find. Attendees can watch music and peruse vendors at the same time, swim in the lake, explore the woods, and participate in workshops throughout. The Beardfam wants to host vendors who share our passions for community-building, healthy living, and showcasing their very best.

The vendor application deadline is 6pm Monday, April 17th, 2017. We will notify you of your acceptance by Monday, May 1st, and all vendor fees thereafter are due in total no later than 6pm Monday, May 15th.

Beardfest requires you to purchase and provide a valid liability (and for practitioners, malpractice) insurance policy with $1,000,000 minimum coverage naming Out of The Beardspace LLC, Edenspore LLC, and Scott Miller as additional insured. Failure to provide a valid certificate of insurance by May 15th will result in the release of your booth.

Vendors are expected to remain open throughout the festival; beginning at 3:00 PM Thursday, June 1 and running through late night Saturday, June 3rd. Beardfest attendees are allowed to stay Sunday, June 4th until noon, so morning vending hours are encouraged as well.

E-mail Robyn Mello at with questions.

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Vending Packages and Fees
Please select your vendor package below.

Electricity access will be available for purchase for a charge of $40.00 for the duration of the festival. This charge will not apply to food service vendors (it's included). The electricity fee will be due with other payments by 6pm on Monday, May 15th.

Please select vendor package:
Will you require electricity? All Food Vendors will be given access to power at no additional cost. If you select Yes, we will contact you to discuss details. You will be required to provide your own extension cord(s) and surge protector(s).
Beardfest 2017 Terms and Conditions
To be considered for acceptance to participate as a vendor in Beardfest 2017, hereinafter referred to as “festival”, the undersigned must agree with the following terms and conditions:

Damage or Injury
The undersigned and its representatives assume all responsibility and liability for any and all risk of damage/injury/illness/death that may occur to the undersigned, its employees, volunteers, customers, and agents during participation in the festival. By signing these terms and conditions, the applicant hereby releases and holds harmless Out of The Beardspace LLC, Edenspore LLC, Scott Miller, and their owners, employees, volunteers, and agents from all responsibility and liability of damage, injury, illness or death whether known, anticipated, or unanticipated as a result of participating in the festival. This includes personal injury, property damage, and defense costs. The undersigned acknowledges that they are independent contractors - not employed by or under the direction of the festival – except for compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

Out of The Beardspace LLC, Edenspore LLC, Scott Miller, and their owners, employees, volunteers, and agents will not be responsible for any losses of any kind, whether by fire, theft, physical violence, nature, accident or any other cause. Beardfest will provide security for the festival; however, vendors are responsible for the protection and insurance of their own merchandise, equipment, etc.

Set Up Times
Vendors must check in at the check-in booth or with Robyn Mello to receive their credentials before beginning set up. Vendors and their vehicles will be searched by security for illegal substances and weapons before set up. All Vendors must set up booths on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 between the hours of 3:00pm and7:00pm or Thursday, June 1st between 10am and 3pm.

Hours of Operation
Vendors must remain open from 10am-12am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Vendors are encouraged to remain open for the duration of the festival, which is 12pm Thursday, June 1, 2017 until 11am Sunday, June 4, 2017 (in case campers want to eat breakfast and get some last minute shopping in before they go home). Vendors must vacate the premises no later than 3pm on Sunday, June 4, 2017.

All food vendors must sell ONLY the approved items that are listed on their vendor applications, No Exceptions! Food vendors must provide a legible menu board that lists all items and prices for purchase.

There is a $50.00 refundable cleaning security fee, which will be collected by Beardfest during the application process and must be paid IN ADVANCE. The undersigned insures that at the conclusion of the festival their area will be left clean, and that there will be no evidence of property damage. The $50.00 refundable cleaning security fee can be collected upon inspection of the vendor’s area at the conclusion of the festival. This inspection will be completed by a member of The Beardfest Team.

Each vendor must provide us a copy of your certificate of liability insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage. All vendors represent that they have obtained such other insurance as they deem appropriate for the conduct of their business and as may otherwise be required by law. The certificate must name Out of The Beardspace LLC, Edenspore LLC, and Scott Miller as additional insured. You/your business will also be responsible for any licenses, permits, taxes, etc. necessary for your participation in the festival. All vendors shall have a current occupational license with a valid signature in their booth for the duration of the festival.

All vendors must have a certified fire extinguisher in their booth for the duration of the festival if you are dealing with any electronic, cooking, or grilling equipment.

Water and Electric Hook-­up
Beardfest will provide water and electrical hook-up to all food vendors. Power, 110V 20amp, will be available for purchase by non-food vendors for a charge of $40.00 for the duration of the festival. Electric fees are to be paid by May 15th. Vendors are responsible for supplying all power cords and hoses which may be required to connect to suitable power and water.

State Laws
Vendors are responsible for paying all appropriate sales tax with respect to the sale of goods and for procuring all permits and documentation as may be required by local and state government to operate within the state of New York. All vendors shall have a current occupational license with a valid signature in their booth for the duration of the festival.

Illegal Activity

Vendor Passes
Each non-food vendor will be provided with two vendor passes/wristbands for the duration of the festival. Each food vendor will be provided with three vendor passes/wristbands for the duration of the festival. Additional vendor passes/wristbands may be available for purchase at their current rate (so purchase them early!). Please insure all employees wear the appropriate passes/wristbands at all times during the festival. VENDOR PASSES MAY NOT BE RE-SOLD OR GIVEN TO ANY NON-VENDORS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Beardfest will regularly inspect vendor areas for compliance. Failure by the vendor or their employees to comply with these Terms and Conditions will result in permanent termination of the right to vend at the festival and will subject the vendor to immediate removal from the festival. All determinations of vendor’s compliance with the Terms and Conditions are at the sole discrimination of Beardfest and all decisions are final. By their application to the festival and decision to participate in the festival, all vendors agree to abide by these regulations or face termination of their right to vend, removal from the festival, and forfeiture of all vendor fees, including the cleaning security fee.

Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, tents, trash bags, electrical cords, lighting, equipment, displays, and signage. The use of frayed or unsafe extension cords is prohibited. All signage and equipment MUST fit within the vendor’s designated space.

Vendor space must be kept clean and free of debris throughout the duration of the festival.

No music will be allowed in the vendor areas. All music and entertainment will be conducted in the stage area only.

All vendor fees are non-­refundable, rain or shine, and must be submitted with these forms. The deadline for submitting the application form is Monday, April 17th, and fees are due by Monday, May 15th 2017. All insurance certificates and food permits must also be received by May 15th. No partial payments will be accepted.

Please Sign
I grant full permission to Beardfest to use my name, likeness, voice, photographs, videotapes, or quotations from me or my staff in accounts, promotions and activities, in any medium related to Beardfest.

I have read, I fully understand, and by signing below I agree to, and will abide by all of the terms, conditions, and guidelines stated in this agreement and the attached. I also agree to and will abide by any rules and guidelines that may be put into effect at any time by Beardfest.

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