Symbol Choices for Now and Next or Now, Next and Then board
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Please choose from the choices shown. This is for the majority of your symbols. If you would like a different skin colour for one specific symbol you can indicate this below.
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In the following section you can specify up to either 15 or 30 symbols (depending on what you have ordered) that you would like to go with your Now & Next board. Please write the wording you would like for each symbol in each box below. If you would like to include some extra detail for a symbol please write this in brackets after the wording e.g. car (red), park (play park) etc.

A few hints and tips:

- When choosing your symbols try to use as simple wording as possible. So instead of 'eat breakfast' use 'breakfast', and instead of 'play with sand' just have 'sand'. This makes it easier for an individual to understand.
- If you do choose to have a few words please be aware that this will make the writing and symbol much smaller.
- I recommend that you just use lower case letters for the symbols, particularly for younger children who are just beginning their reading journey. I will make the symbols how you want them though so if you do add a capital letter at the start of your wording I will do the same.
- If any particular symbol requires a different skin tone to that specified earlier just let me know in brackets after that symbol.

When choosing the symbols for your child's Now & Next board try to think through their day, and then through their week so that you cover all the activities that they do. Recommended symbols for home use are: breakfast - toilet - wash - clean teeth - bath / shower - get dressed - school / nursery - lunch - swimming / football etc - homework - dinner - bed.

If you need any help just ask -
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