Believer's Gifts Survey
1. Read through the list of statements and mark in front of each one the answer which is most
appropriate for you:

5 = Usually -----(4)------- 3 = Sometimes-------(2)------ 1 = Seldom -------0 = Almost Never

2. Don't think too deeply into the statements. Move smoothly through the survey and don't return and change your mind.

3. Be as honest as you can be, answering not as you would like to be, but as you are.

4. Transfer the numerical value of your answers to the score sheet at the end of the survey. Total the scores for each gift vertically at the bottom.

5. Take your top 3 motivational gifts and compare them with the in-depth study of the gifts.

6. No two individuals have the identical same style of ministry or balance in their gifts.

7. This survey is planned to enable you to find your own gifts.

8. It would be best if the survey could be used in a group situation where there could be discussions, group interaction, and an affirming of each other's gifting.

9. Avoid applying the characteristics too rigidly.

10. Remember, these are just a sampling and not all the statements that could be given.

11. Realize that the statements are only suggested uses of your gift.

12. Reflect on the following:

Are the strengths and weaknesses of your gifts reflected in your service to the Lord?

Are you involved in ministry that allows your gifts to be expressed?

Are there weak areas of your gift that need to be balanced and adjusted to be more effective?

Do you feel you can further develop your gifts?

Are you frustrated because the ministry you are presently in does not express your gifts?

Are you allowing others to flow their gifts into your ministry as a complement to your gifts?

Find an outlet ministry for your gift.

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