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The full name of the book is The Millennial Mind: Success Secrets for Unlocking Your Full Potential. It is a self help book focused on the present day personal development issues that plague Millennials (although these issues could affect anyone). I talk about things like having a quarter life crisis, time management, finding your purpose, instant gratification, etc. All from a modern day perspective. It's very relatable and insightful as I use stories to draw you in before I hit you with the knowledge. What a lot of people love are the exercises at the end of each chapter so you can make what you learn practical to your life.

My second book is called The Millennial Experience: 30 Stories of Hope, Growth and Success. This book takes the issues from the first book and centers them around modern day stories but seen from a different angle. Some of the stories you may have experienced yourself or have seen someone going through it. They stick with my theme of being relatable and making you think about things differently.

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