Balham, Nightingale, Tooting Bec residents' survey
Please could you spare a few moments to share with us what local issues you feel need to be addressed to make Wandsworth an even better place to live?
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Crime and Safety
How safe do you feel around our area?
Very unsafe
Very safe
The Liberal Democrats want an extra £300 million a year spent on community policing. Do you think this would be a good use of public money?
Our Area
Which of the following do you think are a problem in our area? (please give details below)
Dangerous pavements
Poor street lighting
Litter or dumped rubbish
Dog fouling
Blocked drains
Further details/comments on problems in our area:
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Local Roads
Which of the following do you think are a problem on local roads? (please give details below)
Speeding traffic
Traffic jams
Lack of safe cycling lanes
Lack of pedestrian crossings
Parking problems
Further details/comments on problems on local roads:
Your answer
Our Local Environment
Which of the following do you think are problems for the local environment? (please give details below)
Air pollution
Congestion/idling vehicles
Too many diesel vehicles
Poor facilities for cyclists
Not enough charging points for electric vehicles
Other local environment issues/further details:
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Public Transport
Liberal Democrats have spoken up for commuters by putting pressure on government and Southern Railway to end strikes. What do you think should be done to improve local public transport services?
More frequent trains
Longer trains
More staff at stations
Other suggestions for improving local public transport services:
Your answer
Where do you think the new Crossrail 2 station should go?
Does Wandsworth Council do enough to give residents a say on local developments?
Are there any plans for your area that you are particularly concerned about?
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National Issues
How did you vote in the EU referendum in June 2016?
What do you think should be a priority in the Brexit negotiations?
Would you be willing to pay an extra 1p in the pound on income tax to ensure a properly funded NHS and care system?
Local Democracy:
How likely are you to vote for the following parties in the May 2018 Council elections? (1 is very unlikely - 5 is very likely) *
Lib Dem
Backing the Lib Dem campaign:
Will you help us to make Wandsworth an even better place to live?
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