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I have no idea what I’ll create for you and that’s the fun part. You could tell me about yourself, what makes you tick, what your passions are, astrological signs, spiritual beliefs, perhaps send me your favorite images that really speak to you. It’s really up to you. All of that information would then inform the work. We can work on ideas together, understanding that neither of us can perfectly envision the final result which, again, is the fun part! I could also provide progress photos if you like and I’m open to your input. Or it can be a surprise. Whatever the synergy of our minds working together manifests, I can promise that nothing else like it exists in this world.
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Pricing is also really up to you. The more hours I can put into it, the more amazing the work will be and it is my hope that your piece is my best work yet. Commissioned works starts at $1,000.00. One good method for determining price is to close your eyes and ask yourself, “How much should I spend on the most meaningful thing I will ever own?” A number will pop into your head. Then open your eyes and double it to ensure that you haven’t sold yourself short. Remember, we are trying to capture the intangible mystery that is you.
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