NYC Green Roof Survey
Help the Green Roof Researchers Alliance (GRRA) understand the function and benefits of green roofs in NYC. The green roof information you supply will be used to model the benefits of green roofs, create habitat corridors, and inform policy. Please fill in all information possible.
Roof name.
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Affiliation *
Respondent email (You may be contacted by researchers if you indicate an interest in having your roof studied).
Is there Public Access? *
Is there an active weather station?
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Who is the roof owner or primary contact?
Is the roof open for scientific research? *
What is the street address for the green roof? *
Borough. *
Building ID Number (*BIN = Building ID Number: Go to, enter the street number, street name, and borough. In the result, on the top right, will be a ‘BIN#). *
What is the primary use of the roof? *
What type of vegetation is on the roof? *
What is the media (soil) depth? *
What is the approximate size of the green roof? (area with vegetation, please indicate units of measure) *
What percentage of the total roof is covered with vegetation?
What is the primary use of the area not covered with vegetation?
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What is the approximate elevation or how many stories high is the main green roof? (please indicate units)
Are there multiple levels (i.e., roofs) to this green roof? If yes, how many and what is the approximate elevation of each?
Are there solar panels or wind turbines on the roof?
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Has any research been conducted on this roof? If yes, what kind?
Do you have anything additional you would like to note?
Do you have any measurable benefits from this roof available for inclusion in research (e.g., energy savings, stormwater capture, public relations)?
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