This is the beginning of your group or retreat travel experience!
This document has a lot of information to look over; we desire to create retreats with resorts who host our guest instructors. AMResorts has great group incentives, which you can review right here and learn a lot about the retreat creation process. Kelly Vorhauer is our group booking coordinator and she will receive this form. Emails to Kelly at welcome; direct to

If you will have less than 6 rooms we can still help you with your booking(s) to bring friends, family or students along. Kelly is happy to help you.

Are you interested in adult-only resorts or family friendly properties? *
How many guests will attend your retreat/group outing? *
We are asking number of participants here, not number of rooms. Include children, if applicable
County Location - Please offer as much info as possible in regards to the locations which we should provide you pricing for... *
Pricing - What will your adult guests pay for the per person hotel only, all-inclusive experience, per day? *
This helps us narrow down the best locations while keeping in your guest's price range
If you are an instructor conducting special programming for your retreat participants, how much do you intend to charge for the retreat, per participant?
We do not have the ability to collect your retreat fee. This means you collect your retreat participation fees separate from land and/or air bookings with us.
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TRAVEL TIME! When you want to depart for this trip and what is the desired duration? *
TRAVEL TIME! What is the desired duration for your group outing? *
What is your departure city? *
Let us know here if you anticipate multiple departure cities among group participants
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Provide us with more information about your preferred style of resort destination. Here is information about Fit Bodies setting up your retreat or group outing- *
Fit Bodies does not charge to manage your retreat. Rather we act as travel agents specializing in wellness. If you are chosen as a good candidate for a retreat or group outing then we will manage the group through collecting deposits and balances, and help you market through creating a flyer and very soon we'll be offering a web page you can utilize for marketing, too. We will not collect any retreat fees you charge to your participants for your teaching time. We communicate with the resort's entertainment team so they are prepared for your group needs. Tell us about your needs at the resort for your retreat or group outing to be successful. This may include your need for indoor space or an outdoor gazebo for yoga. Offer as many details as possible so the pricing and resort suggestions we make for you are good ones!
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