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Welcome to the San Mateo High School absence reporting site. We are using this form in order to support families in reporting their student's absences in an easier way, and to save staff time that can be shifted to supporting students with serious absence issues. If you have any questions or comments on this process, please let Patti Frias know at 650.558.2306.

PLEASE NOTE: All absence forms must be submitted within 48 hours in order to clear that absence (2 days) . Absences without a submitted form within this time will be turned into truancies.

Only a parent or legal guardian of student listed on the student's emergency card can clear absences.

NOTE ABOUT EXTENDED ABSENCES DUE TO ILLNESS: When a student has had 14 absences in a school year for illness verified by a parent/guardian, any further absences must be verified by a physician and a medical note provided to the attendance office. If you have a Chronic Illness form on file for the current school year you must still verify each absence.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT EXCUSED AND UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: According to California Education Code, the following are considered excused absences: illness, medical appointment, religious holiday, family emergency, jury duty or funeral services. Reasons for unexcused absences include: being out of town, vacation, college visits, and non-school related activities.

LEAVING SCHOOL BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY: Students may not leave campus without permission. Students MUST obtain a Permit to Leave from the Attendance Office before leaving.

Email used should match the registered parent/guardian's email in Aeries.
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