A.R.C. Exam/Assignment Database
This form is for General Education teachers to fill out when they have an assignment or an assessment that Students with an IEP may need to complete in the ARC.
-This form should be filled out at least 24 Hours before the students will be needing help in the ARC.
-The ARC is NOT a holding place for behavior issues. Please follow your classroom discipline procedures.
-Please fill out this form as thoroughly as possible. It is the GEN Ed teacher's responsibility to provide the ARC teacher with what he/she needs to support the students.
Date of Assessment/Assignment? *
Teacher Name *
Title of Assessment/Assignment * *
List students that will be attending by period.
Please upload any files that the ARC teacher and students may need for this assignment/assessment. (optional)
Directions, rubrics, samples, etc for the assignment/assessment. Please include Google classroom directions and links as well. (optional if included on assignment)
Are student generated notes allowed on this assessment? (all students with this accommodation on their IEP will be provided this accommodation regardless of teacher preference.)
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