Plympton Public Library Long Range Plan Survey
Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Plympton Public Library's long range plan survey.  Your answers will help to set priorities for the library over the next five years.
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Do you own a library card?
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What is your age?
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What do you use the library website for?
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Do you use the library's online resources for any of the following?
If you don't use the Plympton Public Library, why not?  Please skip this question if you are a library user
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How would you like to find out about programs at the library?  Check all that apply
Which of the items listed below would be of value to you and your family over the next few years?  Please check all that apply
When you use the library, what do you do?  Please check all that apply
Please rate the importance of the current library services that are provided.
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Less Important
Not Important
Children's Programs
Teen Programs
Adult Programs
Services for individuals with visual, auditory, or physical impairments
Reference/information help from librarians
Books, DVDs, CDs, etc.
eBooks, databases, and other online resources
Computers, Wi-Fi, printers, and other technology
Museum Passes
Unique items for checkout - board games, puzzles, library of things, etc.
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How would you rank the importance of seeing the following improvements at the library in the next five years?
Very important
Somewhat important
Less important
Not important
Larger collection of books
Larger collection of magazines
Larger collection of music
More art and culture experiences for all ages (concerts, exhibits, etc.)
Items for hands on learning in the library or to borrow for home use such as board games, musical instruments, specialty craft equipment, tools, etc.
More programming for all ages
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How would you rate each of the following library collections?
Don't know/not applicable
Print books (adult)
Print books (young adult)
Print books (children's)
Audiobooks (adult)
Audiobooks (young adult)
Audiobooks (children's)
Reference materials (dictionaries, atlases, etc.)
eBooks (adult)
eBooks (young adult)
eBooks (children's)
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To what extent do you agree/disagree with the following statements about the library's space?
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Don't know/not applicable
My family/I feel safe at the library
There's always space for me/my family to sit down
The wait time for items in the collection is reasonable
I/my family feel(s) comfortable at the library (in terms of furniture, lighting, etc.)
The library is clean
The library is a friendly and welcoming place
Me/my family enjoy the tools/technology/toys available at the library
The library space as a whole could use a refresh
The toys/tools/technology at the library could use a refresh
The furniture at the library could use a refresh
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How would you rank the importance of seeing the following at the Library in the next 5 years?
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Less Important
Not Important
Expanded free high speed broadband and internet access, with public computing, printing, and scanning services
Programs to teach residents how to use digital tools such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.
Technology tools for loan such as mobile hotspots, laptops, tablets, etc.
Laptops or tablets for people to use in the Library
Digital tools and equipment such as 3D printers, drawing tablets, audio equipment, etc.
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What's something mentioned in this survey that you would like to see at the Plympton Public Library in the next few years?
Anything else you would like us to know?
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