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2019 SUMMER Captain's Acknowledgment (one form per captain unless captaining at multiple facilities) Team numbers will be sent 48 hours after form is completed.
After you fill out this form, read and understand the rules and review the new 2018 year-end ratings, Heidi will email you your team number(s).
Email address *
Captain's Name *
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Team Name (optional)
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Facility where you will play your home matches. *
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Teams I will be captaining this SUMMER Quarter *
Area? *
How many teams will you be captaining this season? *
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Level(s) of Your Teams. *
Would you volunteer to mentor and start captaining a team full of individual players at your site? (You would turn the reins over to a new captain after the season gets started.) *
I have read and understand the following rules and information (all posted on the Rules, Forms and Information Page of the website: and have asked my teammates to read them *
I understand that I must complete a Team-Bye Request Form by the Deadline Date, rank my TBRs in order of preference, and not exceed the limit allowed. *
I know where the below information is posted:
I understand the new refund/add/move policy (SCTA no longer provides refunds, so form teams carefully) Do not put teams online unless you check the Yes option. *
I understand the Sportsmanship Requirements for me an my team as outlined in the OC Local League Rules *
I understand that if I enter a team and then pull it out after the deadline passes to enter teams, OR my team fails to field its lines so that the team ends up causing full-team defaults, my entire team may be subject to the filing of a Sportsmanship Grievance against which may result in sanctions. *
I understand that I am required to fill out all Team Bye Requests, ranked in order of preference, and not to exceed the limits set, on the Team Information Form by the deadline posted on the Master Schedule and Deadline Date page. *
I understand and that if I fail to list a date on that as a team-bye request, or if I request beyond the maximum allowed, that my opponent is not obligated to reschedule those matches with me, including the first match of the season. *
I understand that during the first 7 days after the schedules are released, I need to confirm players for all scheduled matches, and make arrangements directly with my opposing captains during those 7 days for any changes that need to be made for the rest of the season. *
I understand that the initial reschedule window is only for team-bye requests officially listed on the form, and within my quota, and that I must keep my team open for all days that I may not currently have a match scheduled, but on days when I did not officially request a team-bye request. *
I understand that AFTER I confirm a schedule change with my opponent that I will list it on the Schedule Change Spreadsheet. *
I understand that if not having my best players available is not a reason to request a reschedule, and that if I do request a reschedule later in the season, I will be subject to either line-default penalties imposed on my team or full-team default taken against my team. *
I understand that the VISITING team is required to reach out to the hosting team 3 - 4 days before the match to RE-CONFIRM (you originally confirm you schedule by notifying the ALC within the first 4 days after the schedules are released of any changes needed) the schedule to make sure everyone is on the same page, but if the hosting team doesn't hear, they must reach out and/or contact Heidi no later than 2 days before the match to alert that they cannot reach opponent, but they may not simply no-show for the match. *
I understand that scorecards must be filled out and exchanged BEFORE match time and before exchanging, any absent but still expected players must be moved to the lowest line, as outlined in the SCTA Regulations. *
I understand that our local policy requires me to notify my opponent by 5pm the night before the match if I know I will need to default a line (realizing this is not always possible, as accidents and last-minute issues do happen). *
I understand that once I give/concede a line or team default to my opponent, that I am stuck with giving that default unless my opponent agrees to play the match (and that is probably not something I can count on happening). *
I understand that in the event of inclement weather, in most cases, I need to get my team to the site and cannot unilaterally call a match without the agreement of the opposing captain. (Clear and obvious cases of unplayable condition are subject to captains using their common sense in calling the match early i.e. it's rained all night and rain is projected all over the county.) *
I understand that if courts are unplayable at the hosting site, but playable at the visiting site, and it's a reasonable drive (you can get there within 30 min of match time) that the match should be played at the visiting site if courts are available. *
I understand that once arrived, teams will not be required to wait longer than 30 minutes for courts to become available/playable. *
I understand the line default policy for late arriving players as outlined in the OC Local League Rules. *
I understand that warm-up is limited to 5 - 10 minutes and only as a means to warm the muscles to prevent injury, and that if my team desires a PRACTICE before the match, that should either be done before they arrive, or pre-arranged with hosting site for more time (which may not be available). *
I understand the policy for how the OC Local League Playoff Hosting team is determined, as outlines in the OC Local League Rules *
I understand that both captains need to enter scores and it does not matter who enters first, but that both teams must enter (or confirm) within 48 hours and that home team SHOULD confirm within 24 hours. *
I understand that I can receive a $27 discount on the league for captaining, but ONLY if I register myself or one designated player on the Captain's Only team (numbers for each season posted on the Rules Forms and Information Page). *
I understand that I am required to provide the link to the rules to all my players and to instruct them to read the rules. (this is a complaint of many captains, that the players don't know the rules, even if the captains do). *
I understand that after I've complete this form, read and understand all the rules, I will then email Heidi for a team number, which she will then create for me and send me the number. *
Thank you for filling out this form completely. With busy people like we all are, who can't make it to one more meeting in our lives, this form covers much of what we discuss at the preseason meeting, but it's imperative that you read all the rules posted online, and this brief questionnaire covers only a small slice of the rules you need to know. Please follow-up with any questions you have via email.
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