Flourishter for business mentors
Flourishter is a new venture with the purpose to empower social impact entrepreneurs with the ability to grow their businesses faster. We want to connect seasoned business mentors, willing to donate their time and expertise, with social impact entrepreneurs to work with them on achieving the next steps in their businesses. We are doing this because we believe in a world where businesses exist not only to make a profit but to uplift humanity and our planet as well. We believe there is a generation of seasoned business experts seeking ways to give back and make a larger impact.

Flourishter is a social enterprise in itself. Our profits wil be allocated towards education and specifically higher education. We would like to impact the curriculum of business schools towards an increased focus on creating social impact. We will actively work together with NGO's and other institutions to make this happen.

We invite potential business mentors to fill out the below form. With your information we will actively go out and find social impact entrepreneurs we feel would fit your values and have the business challenges where you can actively apply your business skills to help the entrepreneur move forward.

If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact me at rianne@flourishter.com

Thank you!!

What's it about?
Flourishter is all about being clear and transparent. We're asking you to volunteer your time to be a mentor. The structure we're proposing is a 3-month commitment (mentorship program) with 1 call every other week (6 calls total) and limited email support in between.

Still interested?

Then, let's go and create your mentor profile! I can't say how much we appreciate your support and involvement!

Your answers will be shared with selected social impact entrepreneurs!
Please take the time to formulate your answers well. Your answers will be used to create a personal profile webpage that I will share with social impact entrepreneurs. They need to be able to understand and feel attracted to your answers (it's a business dating opportunity ;-).

An example of a mentor profile page is this: http://flourishter.com/alex-cameron/.

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Investment for the social impact entrepreneurs
We will be asking the social impact entrepreneurs for a fee for this matchmaking service. You will be donating your time and expertise, but we believe it is important for the commitment of the impact entrepreneurs that there is a paid fee. The service would instantly become more valuable to them. The fees collected (we are currently testing the appropriate price-point for a successful match) will be used for the Flourishter organisation and the profits will be allocated to the educational cause as mentioned in the introduction.
How do you feel about the mentees paying to participate whilst you are not getting paid for your service? *
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