FarmShop, LLC Vendor Submission Form
We appreciate your interest in selling your goods through FarmShop! Our quaint little shop, located in the heart of Riverside, features local, sustainably-grown food, organic gardening supplies and distinctive creations by Kansas makers.

A rapidly growing number of people are seeking quality, handmade goods created by talented people in their communities. Our customer base is made up of these conscious consumers that understand and support quality craftmanship. We feature items that utilize upcycled, recycled, eco-friendly and nature inspired practices and methods.

FarmShop is also the first local, online food hub in the area linking the community to the highest quality in local, sustainable agriculture. Although focused on food, we also approve the sale of specific handcrafted goods through our Marketplace as well. It's a local etsy of sorts. We support the local creative community!

We are always on the lookout for new makers who are energizing the Wichita/Kansas creative scene and helping to make the farm, art and design movement more significant on a local scale.

We offer a very fair scaled consignment model. If you are interested in selling your goods in our shop, please fill out the form below. Your information will be reviewed and if approved or if we have questions, we will contact you very soon.

Before submitting work, please consider the following submission criteria:
* Distinctive design created in and by Wichita/Kansas producers
* Demonstrates use of upcycled/recycled/eco-friendly/nature inspired methods
* Shows current trends locally and nationally
* Saleability of the work (multiples, packaging, quality)

Please include the following:
* Links to your website and social media marketing (please have photo examples of your work at these links)
* Pricing, descriptions, materials and practices used

Reasons we may not select your work are, but not limited to: space in the shop, poor submission, offensive content, craftsmanship, or price point.

Again, thank you for your interest and keep up the good work!

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