Pitch A Tent Art Program
Pitch A Tent is all about art in nature.

In order to fully deliver this idea we are introducing the Pitch A Tent Art Program and Pitch A Tent Art Grant.

With a community like ours we have realized the endless resources we have and this is where the program was born. We now have PAT Fam with expertise ranging from welding, engineering, drafting to organization, management and accounting. We have resources like tools, parts, equipment and more. The program is built with the principle of linking PAT Fam members to exchange help on volunteer needs, advise, direction, allocation and more with each other. This will in turn allow for the completion of masterpieces that were once just ideas.

The Pitch A Tent Art Grant will be another piece of the program that will help ideas come to life. We will Select several projects to help fund with a monetary grant. A select few runner up projects will be assisted through discount and free tickets to the event. These projects can be big or small.
The following stipulations must be met to be eligible for a grant.

1. Your project must be completed and ready to be hosted at PAT 2020 with or without the PAT grant.
2. Project must be all weather proof and handle high winds
3. Project must not create moop
4. Must be removed at the end of the event.

-Grant amounts will range from $50-250 and potentially more based on attendance and our fundraisers.
-1 free ticket will also be given to each money grant recipient.
-Free Ticket Grants will range from 1-3
-Discount Ticket Grants will be 20-50% off.

Your imagination is your only limit, so happy planning!

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PAT Art Grant
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