Collaborations in Discipline-based Education Research: A Research Experience for Undergraduates

Complete this form and submit it no later than January 22, 2013. Women and underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

**We strongly suggest you work on responses for the following before starting the application form.**

You will need to briefly describe any prior research experience that you may have had.

You will also need the contact information of those persons who are writing recommendation letters for you.

You should read through the descriptions of projects available this summer. The descriptions, mentors and personal for these projects can be located here: You will be asked to select your top three preferences from this list, so we suggest reading it ahead of time.

You will need to respond to the following 3 prompts with no more than 300 words for each prompt.

- What factors do you think affect learning in science and math at the undergraduate level? How would you measure the effect of these factors?

- Understanding how undergraduates learn science and math is a growing research area in the US. In what ways would you expect this REU to differ from an REU in molecular biology or astrophysics, for example? In what ways will it be the same?

- What skills and knowledge do you expect to gain as a result of participating in this REU program, Growing up STEM?