Winter/Spring 2020 DTRH Registration Form
Hi! Welcome to Down The Rabbit Hole Theatre Company.


Before you register, please note that filling out this form secures your place in our classes
(unless you have registered for a wait listed class). If you are unsure of your commitment to our program we do ask that you reconsider sending in your registration at this time. This helps avoid disappointment for others trying to gain entry into our program.

Fill out entire form and submit below to register your child for our drama program beginning February 24, 2020! As classes begin to fill up, you may notice "Full" or "Waiting List" before the class name. You may still register for these classes to hold a spot on the waiting list, however please choose a backup option if your desired class says "waiting list" as additional spots may not open.

*Payment is not required at this time. Invoices will be sent on Monday January 27th to the email you provided below. You can pay directly online- or attend our in person registration on Monday February 10th from 6-8pm at the Crystal Ridge Community Centre. All invoices MUST be paid on or before Thursday February 20, 2020.

You will receive a copy of your completed form to the email address you supply.This is a confirmation of your registration. An email will be sent when classes are full with regards to reminders about dates, times and locations. If you need to make changes to the form, you can do so after submission through the link in your email.

Please note: If your child is in between sizes, please make sure you size up when filling out the costume section as our production is not until May and kids tend to sprout up quickly.

Make sure you have read ALL Of the information on pricing, class locations and show dates before registering your child. Your child is required to perform in our final showcase performances. Please double check the dates on our webpage to make sure you are available to attend.

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Please fill out your child's shirt/dress size below (Please note: Your child will receive a costume according to the size you list here. Our performances are in May, so if your child is in between sizes, we suggest size up) *
Please fill out your child's pant size below (Please note: Your child will receive a costume according to the size you list here. Our performances are in May, so if your child is in between sizes, we suggest size up) *
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I give my consent that if an emergency medical situation arises, the organization/club may act as loco parentis, however are not liable. If the need arises for administration of first aid and/or other medical treatment, the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner may be necessary. I also understand that in such circumstance that all the reasonable steps are made. *
I agree to sign and abide by the Wavier of Release of Liability and Media Release once registration is confirmed. See Image below *
Waiver of Release From Liability & Media Release
I agree to read & discuss with my actor, sign and abide by the DTRH Code of Conduct and Honour once registration is confirmed. See Image below *
DTRH Code of Conduct and Honour Code
Would you be interested in joining a parent crafting/costume/prop night to assist with show preparations? *
Would you like to volunteer with Down The Rabbit Hole? If yes, please indicate in what area you would be interested in lending your services:
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