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Season 10: 2022-2023
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Please list all outside activities that your dancer will be involved in August through June 2022. Please list when they will start and when they will end. *
What major conflicts do you have the months of August 2022 through June 2023? *
What is the maximum # of group routines your family can manage? Group routines average around $7 per rehearsal and about $40-50 per competition. *
Number of Years in Competitive Dance *
Solo Information
Please note: Private lessons will be scheduled around class and rehearsal time. It is highly unlikely to get a spot during the week Mon-Thurs. Most lessons will be scheduled later in the evenings after classes, Friday evenings, Saturdays, Sundays or every other week. Private lessons cost $30 per 30 minute lesson. Solos will have an upfront choreography fee due in September.
Are you open to having a solo if chosen to do one? *
Are you interested in more than one solo? *
Are you open to having a duo/trio if chosen for one? *
Is your dancer interested in attending dance conventions this season? These usually take place September through November. *
Is your dancer interested in competing a hip hop routine? This routine may rehearse on a week night instead of Saturdays. There is also a chance that it will perform at different events. It will be included in rehearsal fees as another group dance. *
Can your dancer rehearse on Friday evenings with the exception of major holidays? *
Can your dancer rehearse on Saturdays with the exception of major holidays? *
There is a possibility that we will travel for our nationals competition in early June 2022. Will your dancer be able to commit to this? *
Has your dancer ever quit a team sport/company mid-season? Yes or No? If so, please state the reason. *
Please list any other questions, comments or concerns you need us to know about going in to the new season. We want to make sure to have all of the information that we need before casting for the year. *
I understand and acknowledge that my dancer may be placed on the performing company, given a solo or duet/trio or cast in the maximum number of dances provided. I accept that Diversity Dance Studio staff has the right to place and cast my child however they see fit. *
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