Imirt Irish Game Awards 2019
Imirt is pleased to announce the fourth Imirt Irish Game Awards! Entries are open from now until 31st July 2020 for games released during the 2019 calendar year. Please see the "eligibility" section below for more details.


-- Game of the Year (all entered games are eligible except Best Upcoming Game)
-- Analog Game
-- Game Design
-- Game Narrative
-- Game Art
-- Game Audio
-- Technical Achievement (game/tools)
-- Best Upcoming Game


-- Games must have been released between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 to be eligible.
-- Games which were launched in early access in 2019 are eligible, but may not be submitted as a full release game in subsequent years (i.e. decide when it’s best to submit it for you).
-- Submissions for the Best Upcoming Game category shall include only a game trailer, screenshots and game descriptions. If you already have a store page, please include it.
-- Games launched on new platforms in 2019 are eligible, but may not be submitted again under another platform (i.e. decide which platform is best for you).
-- Expansions released in 2019 to games released prior to January 1, 2019 are eligible.
-- Games must be developed in the Republic of Ireland or have a majority Republic of Ireland-based team (for example, if six of your ten-person team is in Ireland, you qualify).
-- Games developed and completed in the Republic of Ireland but released abroad qualify (for example, you and your majority Republic of Ireland-based team developed the game entirely in Ireland and later moved abroad).
-- Experimental games are encouraged to apply.
-- Games must be made available to judges free of charge for evaluation.
-- You MUST be an Imirt member to enter. Please enter using your Imirt email or referencing it.


-- Judging is done by a panel of individuals. These panels will be a mixture of Irish and international judges who are to be announced. In no circumstance will individuals be voting in categories in which they are also competing.

Submission Requirements:

-- To submit games to multiple categories, you must make multiple submissions, one for each category.
-- All entries are eligible for Game of the Year categories.

If you have questions, please contact us

Thank you!
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