Baseline Survey Large Carnivores in Europe 2018

Within Europe populations of wolves, bears, lynx and other wild animals have been increasing over the past years. As these animals return to areas in which they were not present for a long time, this development raises questions concerning the management of these populations and their co-existence with local communities.

The results of this survey help us to learn about how people in different parts of Europe live with large carnivores wolf, lynx, bear, or wolverine. We want to understand expectations, challenges, opportunities associated with the presence of these animals. Based on your experiences and knowledge, new ideas and promising management examples will be collected, compared, and used to contribute to the development of effective wildlife management approaches.

This survey is distributed in 12 European countries. We ask rural and city people, livestock farmers, hunters, nature conservationists, politicians and everybody else who wants to contribute to understand challenges and expectations, and collect new ideas and proven solutions. We ask how you see the current situation of large carnivores in Europe, your level of engagement in the topic and your suggestions how to improve the situation. We also ask some questions about yourself to be able to compare your views with the perspectives of interest groups in different countries. All your responses, information and data will be treated anonymously according to the EU Privacy Policy, to be analysed and reported upon only in an aggregated form of all survey submissions.

It will take 20-30 minutes to answer all questions. Please take your time, and feel free to fill in only those questions you feel comfortable with.

We kindly ask you to complete and return the questionnaire before September 20th 2018. The survey results will be made publicly available on the project website at

Thank you very much for your time and you valuable contribution!

Dr. Carol Grossmann                                                                                    
Forest Research Institute of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany              
on behalf of the whole EuroLargeCarnivores Project Team                

This survey has been prepared by the Forest Research Institute Baden-Wuerttemberg (FVA), Elmauer Institute, and Blue on behalf of the LIFE Project EuroLargeCarnivores.

For questions concerning the project or the survey please contact | EuroLargeCarnivores is funded through the EU Life Programme.  
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