Tri-Valley CUSD #3: Facility Use Information
This program has been developed to provide the Facilities Coordinator, involved in the approval of District facilities use, the guidelines and forms to ensure that all necessary information is gathered for approval of an individual or group to use District facilities.

1. Complete Online Application for use of District Facilities - The online application must be filled out in its entirety and signed by the organization or individual wishing to utilize District facilities. The information will assist the District in determining if the organization or individual may be approved for District facilities use, including adequate insurance coverage and liability protections for non Tri-Valley residents.

2. Review Facility Information
a. General Guidelines - This is the general information that anyone desiring to use District Facilities should be made aware of, and understand, before approval to use of District facilities is made. It contains rules and regulations, procedures for scheduling, as well as insurance and liability information. (These guidelines were developed in support of the Board of Education policy 8-20 regarding ‘Community Use of School Facilities’.)
b. Review Pricing and Terms - There are two different categories that an organization or individual will be categorized as for purposes of facility use: Group I or Group II status.
c. Facility Use Agreement - After reviewing the Facility Use Agreement the representative of the organization or individual must sign, agreeing to the General Guidelines, Pricing, and Terms.

3. Hold Harmless Agreement - This Agreement is completed by the organization or individual to provide documentation that all liability will be assumed by the organization or individual and not the District.

4. Certificate of Insurance - The organization or individual interested in using the District facilities must provide a certificate of insurance for non Tri-Valley residents. It proves that adequate insurance limits are in place for the organization or individual to be able to assume all liability for use of the District facilities and provides protection for the District. Specifically, if there are individuals on a team etc. that are not current Tri-Valley students, a certificate of insurance will be necessary.
a. Additional Named Insured - When the organization or individual requests a certificate of insurance they must also request that the District be named as an additional insured on the organization’s policy or on the individuals liability insurance policy. This provides an additional liability protection for the District is less likely to be held liable in the event of a claim.

5. Checklist for Facility Use- Once all information is complete, this checklist is used to verify that all necessary documentation has been gathered and signed, before sending to the Facilities Coordinator for approval.

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