Receive a Card or Letter from R.J. Blain
Please make certain your address will be valid from between now and July 1, 2020. The first batch of letters will be mailed in June.

Please format your address as follows:

Street Number Street name Apartment Number
City, State Zip Code

Here is a sample:

Satin McDevil
666 Satin Sucks Socks Drive Apt 666
Satin City, Hell 66666

This will be a lot of work for me (and the Furred & Frond Management) so if the address isn't formatted correctly, we will move onto the next person to receive a card or letter.

YES, we will ship internationally. When you put it in the box, please format your address EXACTLY as it needs to be shown on the envelope to arrive to you.

Use carriage returns (make a new line) as needed so it looks correct. We have no idea how your address works, so you must show us. Exactly. (It just takes more stamps to send internationally.)
Are you okay with receiving a holiday-themed stamp? *
Your name & address (See above for format) *
This box is here for your amusement. Leave a comment or not, and have a great day!
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