MMU-GRA Application
Note : Kindly fill up completely the application (in WORD template) that will be sending to you after this google form submitted.
RMC will be processing this application only if all relevant forms and attachment completely received at period time given (Hardcopy or Softcopy (colour scanned in pdf formart).

Section A: To Be Filled By Project Leader (PL)
Please submit one hardcopy of the completed form to the Special Interest Group, Research Centre or University Centre of Excellence.
One Project Leader may only submit one research project proposal.
Criteria for proposal evaluation:
Proposal matches with faculty key long term focus and/or immediate research priorities
Proposal is aligned to the MMU R&D Roadmap
Appropriateness of research objectives
Appropriateness of project design and research methodology
Proposal and topic of research has novelty
Scope of project is sufficient for the specified postgraduate degree level, e.g. Masters/ Ph.D.
Completion of project proposal is feasible within the time mentioned/ given
Project Leader has strong research track record for the proposed project

Section B: To Be Filled By Potential Student
Guidelines: (
The application is open to both Malaysian and non-Malaysian candidates.
For Masters level project, applicants must have graduated with a first class honour or CGPA of 3.33 and above.
For Ph.D. level project, applicants must have obtained a Masters degree with a good Bachelor degree and good performance during Masters degree.
Candidates who are in their final year of studies may also apply but must currently possess a first class honour or CGPA of 3.33 and above at the point of application and must maintain a first class honour or CGPA of 3.33 and above upon graduation.

Attachment required :
Documentary evidence of degree/ qualification
Evidence of English Profiency
MMU-GRA Referee Report 1 & 2 (optional if Referee sent to student)
Section C: To Be Filled By Faculty Research Committee (FRC)

Note: Applicant will get a copy of this application through your email. Please make sure email address correctly key in and application can only processes after signed form send to RMC together with required documents (harcopy or softcopy)

Title of Research project proposal *
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Level of Postgraduate Degree Required *
Target Start of This Research
Duration of the Research (2 years for Master, 3 years for Ph.D) Start Date should roughly 2-3 months after interview
Target End of This Research
Project Leader Salutation *
Project Leader Name *
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Project Leader Position *
Project Leader Faculty *
Project Leader Mobile No *
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Co-Project Leader Salutation *
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Co-Project Leader Position *
Co Project Leader Faculty *
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Co-Project Leader Email Address *
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Research Particulars
Research Cluster
(Engineering, Computing and Informatic, Management and Law and Creative Content)
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Field Of Research
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Topic Of Research
Information: Kindly refer to the Malaysian R&D Classification System ( [Homepage – Publication - Malaysian R&D Classification System] for the information of research area and field of research.
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Student Particulars
Student Salutation *
Student Name *
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Nationality *
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