Alexander Herr starts with VABO-N - Are you in?


Alexander Herr starts again after his direct selling "abstinence" with VABO-N:

It was in sight! Anyone who has had consistent great success in direct sales or MLM for more than 8 years will always be "tempted" as long as everything is on the right place, which is not necessarily the case or has been in the past and even if there is a start from zero:

Unicity - Presidential Diamond in 6 weeks
Monavie - Black Diamond in 2 years
QNET - over 6000 partners in 3 months
Jeunesse - Emerald in 8 months
Filabé - Blue Diamond in 4 weeks

07.12.2017 -
07.12.2017 -
21.12.2017 -
12.01.2018 -

Read his own words:

"Even though I have been out of the MLM for near than one year now and have learned to enjoy life in the sun by the sea with the results of the past achievements, i never wanted really back into the direct sales, i just wanted to enjoy life, but VABO-N is too big temptation if you see how great it is in the necessary areas:

1. The company / the management (based in Austria)
2. The market
3. The products
4. The compensation plan

I was able to experience this when the CSO Tomasz Stanislawski visited me in my "paradise" and introduced me in detail to these points. For this I am very grateful today, otherwise I would never have been able to get to know this opportunity. This resulted in an extreme great plan for all those interested. Part of this plan is to open new countries such as Germany, Russia, Turkey etc.! I would like to introduce the whole plan to you here:

From 01.12.2017 to 31.01.2018 there is a free pre-registration phase (PreLaunch). Within this time EVERYONE has the opportunity to pre-register himself and his prospects for free. Due to the binary compensation plan, only 2 team lines will arise, i.e. all the following pre-registrations that are already under the previous registrations and their subsequent sales counts already in a team to the turnover of the pre-registered. In plain terms, who comes first, gets hundreds of new partners already in a team among themselves and then only needs to build a team to receive the full commission from both teams.

Do you not also have an interest in benefiting from hundreds of partners in your team, even IF THESE ARE NOT FROM YOU?

If you do not want to wait until 01.02.2018, here is all the information and details:

Compensation Plan:

An important tip for all "fast" prospects: Together in a team we are 1000 times stronger, so we can only guarantee hundreds or thousands of partners in your team through the binary system, if you register via this PreLaunch.

EVERY PreLaunch Partner receives the 100% commitment to be personally taken care of by Alexander Herr, until the success is achieved! This begins in the goal planning, how much money you want to earn monthly additional. After the goal setting is done, you will receive from him an exact plan that is GUARANTEED help you to reach this goal!

When was the last time you have been coached by anyone who has already earned over 1.5 million EUR a year in this industry?

Or do you still listen to the people who have never been there, where you actually want to go? Continue with this and you will stay always at the same point in your life!

Here is the complete combination of a company that has EVERYTHING, that provides EVERYTHING what is necessary and a PROVISIONALLY experienced, successful partner is willing to guide YOU and makes YOUR goal possible!

Register NOW with no obligations and start building your team by registering your prospective partners as a sponsor (First- and last name). Anyone who pre-register will be informed by e-mail within 48 hours. Preliminary registration with you as a sponsor ensures that all your partners are added to your team after the start of the company with this team! We deliberately chose the start date 01.02.2016, so that ALL had the opportunity to build up their team in the pre-registration phase. Depending on your potential, there are also financial support options. Please leave a note in the comment field.


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    This registration is done with the aim of placing you in the right chronological order in the team structure and giving you additional information, there are no obligations or conditions - just bring your possible members to us to do this business as a team! Skype: WhatsApp: +49-178-7475955 WeChat: alex_herr FaceTime: +60-14-3538739