Holy Spirit Catholic Community Synod Reflection Questions
Dear Parish Members,

The Pope wants to hear about your faith experience, and he wants us to create
space to dialogue with one another as we discern how to be a better Church. The goal of the
Synod is to answer this essential question: How are we journeying together as a

We ask that you prayerfully reflect on the following related questions. Please keep your response(s) anonymous.
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What has been your experience of our parish?
Is it welcoming? Is it inclusive? Why or why not?
What helps or hinders people from being active in our parish?
What has been your experience of being heard or not heard in our parish?
How can the Church help you to participate more fully in parish life?
Describe your relationship with God. Would you call it fulfilling? Why or why not?
Describe your relationship with the Catholic Church today? How has it changed overtime?
Through our participation in this Synod, may the Holy Spirit guide us and help us to grow closer as a parish community and to Our Lord.
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