SSEN 2019-20: Dec 12 Breakfast RSVP; Interest in spring reading/writing mentoring group; other initiatives?
Please bring reusable mugs to the breakfast! (and consider bringing plates/bowls/forks as well)
Social Science and Environment Network, 2019-20
The Social Science and Environment Network is an initiative within UMass Amherst’s Institute of Social Science Research. We are a network of scholars who are working on environmental issues and themes using social science methods and questions, and our goal is to help support ourselves and each other by networking across UMass and the Five Colleges.

This fall we are continuing our tradition of an annual breakfast on UMass fall reading day. You are invited to join at the ISSR lab, E20 Machmer, Thursday, Dec. 12, 8:30-10:00 AM. Breakfast provided, vegan and GF friendly! Please RSVP using this form.

We are adding a couple new initiatives this year.

First, we encourage faculty to bring your graduate students so they too can connect with interdisciplinary scholars at all levels of the academy.

Second, for the spring we are organizing biweekly reading/writing mutual mentoring groups of faculty and graduate students who can share in reading of key literature and each other's work.

You are welcome to join either/both the breakfast or the mentoring groups, and graduate students are welcome to join either initiative even if their advisors are unable to do so.

Please fill out this form to allow us to get a head count for breakfast orders, and also to have some initial mentoring groups outlined ahead of time.

We've left space at the end of this form for other ideas you have of ways the SSEN could support you and connect you with colleagues.

Thank you!
Eve Vogel, Geography, Dept of Geosciences
Regine Spector, Political Science

**P.S. Please bring reusable mugs/cups to the breakfast! and consider a reusable plate/bowl as well. And we applaud in advance anyone who manages to walk, bike or bus to campus in December.
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