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After you fill out this request for services, I will contact you to go over details, availability and schedule phone consultation if needed. Deposit is not required until you decide if you'd like to hire Doula Bula for your birth.

Please fill out this form completely in order to prevent any delays in scheduling services.

We respect your right to privacy. All answers provided are held in strictest confidence.
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If you answered yes above, With your permission I may use non intimate photos for advertising, education, peer review or promotional purposes in print or online form. NO Identifying information will be shared under any circumstances. Do you give your permission for photos of your service chosen to be used as described: *
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Doula Bula is committed to providing you with the services described in this Agreement. She makes every effort to meet your expectations, if she is unable to due to HER own failure a full refund will be made. If she does not make the birth due to NO failure of her own, no refund will be given. *
I agree to the following, as a condition of services: I am paying only for chosen services, which is not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. I will not hold Doula Bula responsible for my care. Doula Bula will keep this document on file as a record of our agreement. No copies will be released to any third parties and all client information will be kept strictly confidential. *
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*Minimum $100 deposit due at booking for Doula services if you are choosing to hire Doula Bula for your birth. NO DEPOSIT NEEDED FOR CONSULTATION. Deposit goes towards total costs and is non-refundable should you choose to no longer utilize Doula Bulas services.* Please send payment to one of the following and comment below which payment method you are choosing- Venmo: @DoulaBula Zelle: 209-225-6870 PayPal: CashApp: $DoulaBula (VENMO users: Please do not type "encapsulation or Doula" in the notes on the app when sending payment through as it will hold your deposit for a very long time) *If this is a consultation please leave "consultation" in the box below* *
I take no more than two doula clients each month. I will reserve a space for you on my calendar for seven days. Should you choose to hire me, please call/text or send deposit within this period to confirm your decision. After seven days, if I have not received your response or deposit, I will release the space being held for other potential clients. Typing your full name (First and Last) below will serve as your electronic signature agreeing to the terms, conditions, and limitations outlined above. *
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