Pax Christi Florida Survey
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(1) What response(s) below describe you? (check all that apply) *
(2) If you are EMPLOYED or RETIRED, please describe your current and/or past work/profession,
(3) What is your Age? *
(4) Consider your relationship with Pax Christi, in any context, whether that be Pax Christi-Florida, or Pax Christi USA. Which statement below best describes you. *
(5) Do you participate in a LOCAL Pax Christi Group? *
(6) If you participate in a LOCAL Pax Christi group, please tell us something about the group. It’s name, how, where and when the group meets, how many members, and the kinds of activities the group is involved in, etc.
(7) Which best describes your religious affiliation *
(8) What OTHER peace & justice organizations are you involved with in some fashion?  (Check all that apply)
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