Fall camp 2017 (03.11 - 05.11)
Fri18:30-20:00 BJJ/Submission wrestling
Fri 20:00-21:30 MMA
Sat 11:00-13:00 BJJ/Submission wrestling
Sat 13:00-15:00 MMA
--- BREAK ---
Sat 16:00-18:00 BJJ/Submission wrestling
Sat 18:00-20:00 MMA
Sun 12:00-14:00 BJJ/Submission wrestling
Sun 14:00-16:00 MMA

Sun 14:00-16:00 Open mat

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Registration conditions
Registration is verified by transferring the camp fee to the bank account of 3D Treening MTÜ EE492200221029654009.
Explanation "camp".
If the payer is not the participant then please also include the first and last name of the participant.

- Up until 1 week before the camp: 25 euro - 4 classes (5..8 classes: 40 euro).
- Up until 1 day before the camp: 30 euro - 4 classes (5..8 classes: 50 euro).

NB! Camp fee will not be refunded in case the participant decides to withdraw in participating the camp.

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