Teen Helper Application
By submitting this form you are making it known to the Deans and staff at Flamings Spirit Christian Service Camp that you are available to volunteer your time and service as a teen helper at camp this summer.  NOTICE:  SUBMITTING THIS FORM DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE APPROVED TO VOLUNTEER AT CAMP!!! You will be contacted by a camp staff member once your application is reviewed to let you know if you are approved or not,  and for which camp you are approved to help with.  Teen Helpers may only serve one week of camp per summer, and are required to attend their designated week of camp.  By indicating multiple weeks of availability,  you increase the likelihood of being chosen as a Teen Helper.
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General Duties of Teen Helpers
1. Begin work in the kitchen as early as 6 am. (kitchen help is supervised by the camp cooks and teen help supervisor).
2. Assist with prep and service during all meals.
3. Assist in cleaning the dining hall during and after meals.
4. Assist with staffing, restocking, and cleaning the canteen.
5. General camp maintenance. (dorms, bathrooms, grounds, trash, etc.)
6. Work under the direction of the Camp Manager, Camp Dean, Kitchen Staff and Teen Help Supervisor on all duties and any additional assignments.

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