Spectrum Sailing Registration - New Orleans 4/4-4/6
This is registration for Spectrum Sailing Camp hosted by Community Sailing New Orleans 4/4-4/6.  Community Sailing New Orleans is located at 101 N Roadway St, New Orleans, LA 70124   
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Is the Sailor comfortable around water?
Is the Sailor comfortable wearing a life jacket?
Is the Sailor able to swim unaided?
Does the Sailor require a 1 to 1 aide?
Does the Sailor avoid situations where unexpected things might happen (for example, going to unfamiliar places or being around people you don't know)?
Does the Sailor get motion sickness?
Is the Sailor comfortable when people get close?
Is English the Sailor's preferred language?
Does the Sailor startle easily at unexpected or loud sounds? (If yes, are there strategies that are calming?)
Why do you want to participate in Spectrum Sailing?
Does you sailor have any other diagnosis besides Autism?
Is there anything additional you feel we should know about your Sailor that will make this a positive experience for them?
What is your Sailor's adult shirt size? We will try our best to accommodate sizes
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